Use case

I had to use this when I lost the private key I used to manage a VM in Azure. This process allows you to add a new public key to the authorized_keys file on the server to regain access.

Azure Portal

Log into the Azure portal and select the VM that you need to add your public key to.
Under Operations select Run Command.
Select RunShellScript from the list of options.
In the Linux Shell Script text box enter

printf "<YOUR PUBLIC KEY>" > /home/<yourserverusername>/.ssh/authorized_keys

Select Run and wait for it to complete.
If you want to append an additional key to authorized_keys instead of overwriting the entire file, run the following instead

printf "\n<YOUR PUBLIC KEY>" >> /home/<yourserverusername>/.ssh/authorized_keys

You can then enter and run the following to verify the entry

cat /home/<yourserverusername>/.ssh/authorized_keys

The result should show the new public key, and you should be able to ssh into the box using the pubkeyauth again.

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