I run Emby on FreeNAS, inside a jail. This will go over the process I used to create a self-signed SSL certificate to use with Emby.

Create self-signed SSL certificate

I pretty much stuck to the FreeBSD documentation for this. That can be found here

First I generate a key
openssl genrsa -rand -genkey -out cert.key 2048

Then generate the cert, in this case I am making one that is valid for a year
openssl req -new -x509 -days 365 -key cert.key -out cert.crt -sha256

Now it has to be converted to a pkcs12 format pfx file
openssl pkcs12 -export -in cert.crt -inkey cert.key -out newcert.pfx

It will ask for a password. You will need to remember this password to use within Emby.

Configuring Emby Server

Now we will use the Emby Server web interface to enter the details of our new certificate. Select Manage Emby Server, and move to the Network menu item. Scroll down to Custom SSL certificate path and enter the path to the new certificate you created. There is also a button you can use to browse for the certificate.

Now enter the certificate password in the Certificate password text field.

I would recommend you set Secure connection mode to Preferred,but not required, to test your new settings, before changing to Required for all remote connections

Restart the server.

You should now browse to https://[server_name_or_ip]:8920 to verify that the server is up and running on using SSL. If all is good, you can go back to Secure connection mode and set it to Required for all remote connections.

The certificate will still come back as insecure since it is not verified by a third party, but the encryption is all the same.

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