I made the move to Codeberg, but still wanted to keep a presence on GitHub. I decided to set up a mirror on Codeberg that would automatically send over to GitHub when commits were pushed to Codeberg. This writing assumes you already have a functional git repo on Codeberg that you want to mirror to GitHub.


On GitHub create a new, empty, repository.
Grab the HTTPS URL from the Quick setup page, you will need this once we switch to Codeberg
github quick setup
Now head to the top right corner of GitHub and select your username
Select Settings from the menu
On the left hand menu of your profile page select Developer Settings
Select Personal access tokens > Fine-grained tokens Select Generate new token
Fill out the token form
github fine-grained
I believe the expiration is capped at one year
You can provide repository access to all repositories but I recommend you make an access token for each indvidual mirror
Now under Permissions > Repository permissions > Contents select Read and write
Select Generate token
Copy the token that is generated you will need this for Codeberg


Now on Codeberg open the repository you want to mirror
Select Settings and scroll down to Mirror Settings
codeberg mirror
Paste the HTTPS URL into the Git Remote Repository URL field
Drop down Authorization
Enter your GitHub username for Username
Enter the Generated token from GitHub for the password
Select the checkbox for Sync when commits are pushed
Set the Mirror interval how you like, I left the default
Select Add Push Mirror button
Select the Synchronize Now button to test your new mirror

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